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If you need a quick fix in your design artwork you came to the right place.
- The Design Handyman

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You have the artwork for a brochure but the designer who did it has vanished into thin air and you don’t know how to edit the file...

I’m so sorry your designer let you down. Send me the artwork you have and the corrections you need. I’ll work something out.


You made a mock-up yourself for a nice business card but you need to prepare the file for the print company...

That’s a nice looking mock-up you’ve got there but in order to make sure it prints correctly I’ll need to fix it. Your print company will love you for it.


You need to change a few images or the copy on your website, but your designer moved to Morocco or something...

Send me the images, the text and also the FTP access to your site. I’ll have a look at it and it should be fixed quickly.


You have a great looking logo but you need to make some changes to it (colors, etc)...

I’ll fix your logo and send it over to you in all the file formats you’ll ever need. Simple.


You have a PowerPoint presentation that you need to add some flare to with a professional touch

I’ll work on the design of your slides to make them stand out in the presentation. You can take all the credit (it will be our little secret)